Fed takes several desperate actions, signals economic doom

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Bankers working on a Sunday?  If that’s not a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what would be.  Ben Bernanke and his secretive Federal Reserve met in a marble palace Sunday to discuss the liquidity of America’s banks.  Here is what they allow the commoners to know.

The Federal Reserve announced Sunday that it would provide a $30 billion credit line to JPMorgan Chase, for assistance in taking over the operation of Bear Stearns.  The loan from the Federal Reserve to JPMorgan Chase will be secured by the Federal Reserve itself; if that does not make sense, I have stated it perfectly.  The Fed will control all decision-making in the Bear Stearns portfolio to minimize its own risk. 

The Fed also announced an emergency discount rate cut of a quarter percent, to 3.25 percent.  It is expected to cut the rate again on Tuesday, March 18.  Apparently the Fed still has faith in its own gerrymandered consumer price index, despite evidence to the contrary in food and gas prices, because these rate cuts will inevitably devalue the dollar.

The $200 billion per month TSLF instituted by the Federal Reserve last week will remain in place, but Bernanke announced Sunday that the program will no longer have a cap.  Investment banks may now trade their risky mortgage-backed securities for Treasury securities without limitation on the total.  The $200 billion monthly of TAF and repurchase agreements will continue, and unknown amount of TSLF deals in excess of $200 billion monthly will also be worked out.  As of last week, 40% of the U.S. economy depended on Federal Reserve action.  It is not unlikely that over half of this month’s U.S. economic activity will be the direct result of Federal Reserve bailouts, which will inevitably devalue the U.S. Dollar in the coming weeks.


Bunch of drunks run the economy

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“Mishief springs from the power which the moneyed interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privileges, which are employed all together for their benefit.” – Andrew Jackson 

“Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies,” warned Thomas Jefferson, in defense of Americans against the possible monopolization of money. Jefferson’s foresight is noteworthy, and will soon become even more so. The interests of banks are compounding against the interests of citizens, in this country and around the globe.

Today the Federal Reserve introduced the Term Securities Lending Facility to address “increased pressures in liquidity markets.” The TSLF will give $200 billion of Treasury securities to banks each month, and banks can exchange their residential-mortgage-backed securities for these Treasury securities. In simpler terms, the TSLF is a tool that gives banks an easy way to transfer their mortgage losses to the U.S. Treasury.

The TSLF comes on the heels of (and in addition to) two other unprecedented and controversial Fed actions, the Term Auction Facility (TAF) and Federal Reserve repurchase agreements. The Federal Reserve has hinted that these actions will continue for the next six months, and may even increase. Currently, the new facilities pump $400 billion of fiat currency into the market each month, which, in our $12 trillion economy, represents 40% of GDP.

The Fed is also expected to cut rates yet again, in an attempt to stimulate growth through inflation. Low rates, stagnant consumption, negative savings, and high investment, make an awkward combination that would leave even Keynes scratching his head. The U.S. economy is in dire need of a market correction, but the Fed has decided to avoid a market correction (job losses) in favor of a dollar correction (hyperinflation). The Fed may consider that stock prices are measured in dollars; it will probably not consider that wages are paid in dollars. While jobs may be saved, wages will not be able to pay for the inflated prices of the coming year, and then Barack Obama will come to the rescue, touting free healthcare, food, water, electricity, and whatever else a too fat and too happy American public might hope for. The Federal Reserve is unwittingly forcing the United States into complete democratic socialism, and cannot stop it but through honesty, which isn’t forthcoming.

Moving on to the gloomy part of the Fed’s announcements this morning, the Fed’s efforts will be coordinated with those of the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, and the Swiss National Bank. When national sovereignty is properly respected, these banks operate as monetary competitors, helping their citizens by practicing competitive responsibility. This morning, they publicly declared that the nightmare of many neo-classical economists for decades had become reality-collusion against humankind among the planet’s monetary policymakers. Those investors who thought they outsmarted the Fed by switching to Euros or Swiss Francs have not escaped. There truly is no safe store of value in paper anymore.

Buy gold and beans.