Letter to Senator Bob Corker, (R), TN

Senator Corker,

I met you through my friend Brad Smith at a UT football game during your campaign. 

I agree completely with your stance on the stimulus package.  Thank you for standing up for citizens, and not supporting the bill that I see as a not-so-creative vote-buying scheme. 

I was disappointed to read that you voted for the FISA reforms.  Please consider the Fourth Amendment and its origins.  If we allow ourselves to give in to fear, the terrorists have won.  If we lose a million lives, but keep our commitment to freedom, American principles have still triumphed.

The principles of freedom, which made this country great, do not regard America as their home, or the Congress as their protector.  If we abandon them here, principles of freedom will have no home on this planet.  Our aim should be to protect freedoms everywhere.  That is the purpose of American government, right?  That is what made Reagan a hero, in my opinion.

I met a young Chinese student at UT a couple of weeks ago.  He said that foreigners hold all Americans accountable for the continued atrocities in the Middle East, because they have always learned that America is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

When you make a decision, please remember that you are representing all of us, and that the expense of war is always ours.  All Americans get the blame, even though 70% of us want out of Iraq.  All Americans get the blame, even though few of us condone torture or unwarranted wiretaps.  And, if retribution comes (and America is not unbreakable), remember that all of us will be blamed for the injustices perpretrated by a powerful minority, and all of us will suffer the economic and/or military consequences.

Like you, I am small in stature.  When we met, I joked that we saw eye to eye, and I believe we do in a lot of ways.  Please, do not be a small man in Congress.  View things as they are, without regard to person or place, and stand up for American principles of freedom always, no matter the cost.  Uphold the promise of your oath, stand up for freedom, and you will be more than a senator: you will be a statesman. Thanks for your representation.



KNS swings, whiffs

The Knoxville News-Sentinel’s butchered version of a solid argument (the original is in the blog below this one):

“Your presidential primary preview was incomplete. It is clear that your newspaper–if it can be called that–is nothing more than a collusive extension of status quo government largesse which no longer represents the people of the United States. Only one candidate proposes to reduce spending. The same candidate is the only one that has strongly advocated the removal of troops from Iraq. That candidate is Ron Paul, and your newspaper has pretended he does not exist. On behalf of the people of the state of Tennessee, thank you for nothing.

If I may comment. I allowed Knoxville News-Sentinel editor Jack McElroy to trim my letter as he saw fit. Given the rudimentary capabilities shown by his publication in the past, I report with little surprise that Mr. McElroy’s version of “fitness” is what any logical person would call emptiness. He elected to include my points, but not the facts that made them so painfully evident to him. As an “editor,” Mr. McElroy is a professional by position, and not by practice. Whenever Mr. McElroy encountered a stubborn fact, he chose not to publish it; whenever he encountered a bold conclusion, he left it standing alone, without support. I am not sure what his intent was, but the result was to marginalize a good argument by making it seem inappropriate. Applying his journalistic style to observing and reporting the behaviors of a sports fan, when he observes a fan yelling “goal” upon a team’s score, Mr. McElroy reports that a person cried “goal” for no particular reason, perhaps during opening warm-ups or half-time, or in a coffee shop downtown; only Mr. McElroy knows the setting of the declaration, and he keeps it carefully out of public knowledge. If he considers it his job to inform, he has, in this instance, failed entirely, and the result of his reporting is bewilderment, the opposite of his purpose. By leaving out the reason behind a beneficial argument, Mr. McElroy has proven that his skill with written words can be used to negative ends. It is unknown whether he has used this skill to contribute to society in positive ways, but his status has certainly afforded him the opportunity.

Letter to KNS

Upon realizing my local rag, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, had not included my Presidential candidate in their primary preview, I wrote the following letter to the editor, Jack McElroy:

To whom it may not concern,
As you know, your Presidential primary preview was incomplete.  I live in Knoxville, as do many of my family members.  I am sending them a letter, exposing the crookedness of your primary coverage, and asking that they each cancel their subscriptions to your newspaper.  It is clear that your newspaper, if it can be called that, is nothing more than a collusive extension of status quo government largesse, which no longer represents the people of the United States, as evidenced by the fact that 70% of Americans oppose the war in Iraq, and the war goes on with no end in sight.  Many citizens also want a smaller federal government.  Your newspaper offers citizens no choice other than a larger federal government and continued involvement in Iraq.  Only one candidate proposes to reduce government spending (source: National Taxpayers Union).  The same candidate is the only one that has strongly advocated a removal of troops from Iraq.  That candidate is Ron Paul, and your newspaper  has pretended he does not exist.  A casual reader of your newspaper is likely to assume that Paul has conceded the Republican primary to lesser men.  Because it is clearly your intent to dizzy and persuade the electorate, and never to inform them to their own benefit, it is deception for your publication to be called news.  Your newspaper is one in the tradition of the British aristocracy, which exists to limit citizens, and has no value to the thinking class.  The Internet is the only truthful source now for East Tennesseans.  I have provided some examples of truthful sources below, so that you may someday recognize them and follow suit.  On behalf of the people of the State of Tennessee, thank you for nothing, and good luck in the future.

Much to my surprise, Mr. McElroy asked permission to publish the letter.  His edited version will soon appear on this blog.  The sources I provided Mr. McElroy were www.KnowBeforeYouVote.com and www.ntu.org