No liquidity problems for Lawson campaign


While every other entity in America is crying about its inability to access cash, BJ Lawson’s Congressional campaign just received a huge injection of liquidity.  Lawson, who is running for a U.S. House seat in North Carolina’s 4th district, raised over $150,000 from thousands of donors on Tuesday alone.

Many citizens across the nation feel betrayed by a Congress that recently passed an unconstitutional $700 billion Wall Street bailout, which has evidently done nothing for market confidence or financial stabilization.  North Carolina’s 4th district voters share in the dissatisfaction.  Their House member, David Price, voted for the record taxpayer bailout, after his office failed to answer phone calls from constituents trying to convince him to vote against it.  It appears that, in David Price’s 4th district, representative government has taken a back seat to other interests.  Since the bailout’s passage, U.S. markets have closed down considerably every day, as Americans are quickly abandoning a system that they feel has thrown them–and their freedom-loving values–overboard.

Despite what we’re told is a vacancy of cash in the U.S. financial system, some Americans are still investing what they have left in a brighter future, and many believe the best way to invest is to contribute money to representatives who will vote to replace an overtly corrupt banking system.  They recognize that free market capitalism has disappeared under the weight of an inflationary system of unrecoverable public and private debt–a corrupt and bankrupt system that continues to garner the support of Rep. Price, despite its detriment to North Carolina’s working citizens.

$150,000 says North Carolina’s residents will want less interference and more freedom in their financial lives this November.  Congress’ approval rating is 9%, and BJ Lawson is in tune with a lot of angry voters, who seem to understand that David Price voted to take away a chunk of their paychecks and some of their economic freedom.


Letter to Representative John Duncan, Jr., (R), TN

Congressman Duncan,

I think you are acquainted with my parents, _______ and _____ _______.  I am in college, and I have become very interested in history, economics, and government. 

I had heard your name numerous times growing up in Knoxville, but I never took the time to research your politics.  Now that I have done that, I can tell you that I am impressed.  You are a statesman in the truest sense, and you stand for those Americans who have voiced no interest in your existence, except through merely living.

Thank you for taking a stand for fiscal responsibility and non-intervention, in the interest of the people, and in opposition to a self-interested, powerful minority.

My generation is one that grew up with many of its needs met, and many innovative extravagances available.  We have had cell phones in our school years.  We have had the Internet, allowing us to experiment with our identities and networks at an early age.  We have been coddled and rarely restricted in our behaviors.  We are going to college in droves, and many of us are going free of expense.  A superficial light on the circumstances of my generation will bring some glaring negatives into view; but there is a net positive that I know you will appreciate, and that is individuality, and an insatiable thirst for individual freedoms.

I have a message I would like you to send along to your BIG spending friends in Congress.

Our generation will not be treated like imbeciles, which appears to be the intent of many of your colleagues, who ignore deficits, (former) GAO head David Walker, foreign policy failures, reality, or anything that does not carry an oversized checkbook or promise media exposure.  We know about the fiscal gap, what it means for us, and we know failure when we see it.  We know too much, and we have seen too much, and we communicate independently online too regularly, for their scheme against us to succeed.  The expense of all the government’s irrational exuberance is ours, even though we had no representation in it.  How American is that?  Thomas Paine is turning in his grave.

Washington’s elect have a MORAL obligation of divine origin, to minimize the expenses of, the international hatred toward, and limits of freedom on our generation.

If the current assembly will not act on our behalf, we will suffer tremendously, and you know that.  But we will fix your errors ourselves, eventually.  We do not notice old media (television, print, radio, etc.), and we communicate directly with the source (Iraqis, Israelis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Africans, etc.) on the Internet.  The activists, thinkers, and educated members of our generation have flocked to the Ron Paul Revolution.  The heart of political activism is changing–pumping backward (or more appropriately, forward again), all the way to the eighteenth century, and our faith is in individuals–not government or corporation.  With a free Internet, we currently have all the necessary facilities at our disposal to put America back on its proper path, regardless of the interests of the power elite.  We have it in our power to begin the world over again.  In my limited position, I do all that I can, and I hope you do the same in these trying times.

Please help us while you can.  Stave off attempts to indebt us further and deny us liberties.  Do so with all of your might and creative power, because our interests are your interests, and I believe it is your God-given duty, as a member of humankind, to fight for what you know, in your heart and in your head, is right.  The fight for a free America is a fight for the good of humanity.