Islamofascism, are you kidding me?

Don't fear the guy on the right.  He is harmless.

It’s 2008. Theocracy is not about to take over the United States, and if it did, it would be a safe bet that it would not be Islamic. I do not understand the level of irrational fear in this country. If you are an American who fears Islamofascism, turn off the corporate media, and please see a psychiatrist.


IDF Base (05.21.08)

Yesterday we went to Ben Gurion’s grave.  We rode camels–surprisingly friendly animals.  We enjoyed Bedouin hospitality, which included sleeping in tents and eating good chicken, meatballs, pita, hummus, vegetables, rice, and of course, bug juice.

Last night we were treated as new recruits in the IDF by our Israeli soldiers.  They made us run, stand at attention, do push-ups, etc., which was not fun, but perhaps an enlightening experience for some of the North Shore Jews among us.

Then the soldiers performed a dramatization of situations that occur at Israeli border checkpoints, illustrating the gravity of the situations in which these young soldiers are expected to work.

Today we stopped at a memorial park, and discussed the difficult decisions made by some young Israeli orthodox girls to join the IDF.  The girls were not unlike many young Americans at heart–humble but strong, rational but inexperienced, and rebellious though indoctrinated.  Here is Israel’s hope–these young women have already defied their rabbis, and may find the wisdom, compassion, and courage to foster real peace for the region.

We went to Paz’s military base, where he maintains hummers.  The soldiers took us to the firing range, showed us some medical techniques on–forgive the pun–an advanced dummy, and told us all the Israeli government’s secrets (kidding).

Then we went to Mount Herzl, the military cemetery.  I was saddened by the stories of war and deaths–senseless creations of a false authority.  It is a strange sort of idolatry, to allow fear and superstition to control public policy, and it can only affect itself in a society that believes that man created God in man’s imagination, when the truth is quite clearly the other way around.  When a young face becomes a lifeless body, there is no avoiding an emotional reaction, but rather than putting out small fires, Israelis should focus on slaying the dragon that breathes them.

Republican Nationalism + Democrat Socialism = U.S. Nazism

National Socialism, better known as Nazism, is Clintobamonomics  combined with Bush-McCain Diplomacy and Secrecy.  When the Democrats and the Republicans do agree to terms, they usually both get what they want.  Democrats get more social planning boards and funds, and Republicans get more spy-on-the-citizens powers and nifty 007 gadgets (which will be sold to overseas dictators as well).  The two parties are hardly distinguishable at this juncture.  American Nazism is nearly upon us.  We are one terrorist attack, or one economic collapse away from martial law.  And we might bomb Iran because they are “proof that evil exists.”  I can’t even intelligently criticize such filth.

Dear Bush,

We have a saying in Tennessee.  It’s “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I think there’s one in Texas too, but it’s said very uncertainly, and doesn’t make as much sense.  Will the American people (or their Congress) be fooled twice?  I am not sure the Americans are that stupid, but clearly you think they are.

Sincerely, me.  P.S.: you can fly.  Jump out the window.  Trust me, it’s true.

Letter to the neo-American

I wrote the following to a dear friend and fellow American who will remain anonymous:

When I reflect on our conversations, and consider the compassionate and insightful person I know you to be, I find it hard to believe that you sincerely support the hostilities in Iraq, or that you cannot see through the confines that social planners have built around you. I would like to believe that this world is a bad dream, that the free and prosperous people of our continent could not be so overwhelmed by the narrowness and greed of an unpardonable elite. I would like to think that Americans have always refused to initiate violence–that we, as a nation, have always done what was right for everyone. I would like to wake up tomorrow morning, and be in a country where there are no talking points, no significant news concerning the federal government, no significant power or money in Washington, where the middle class feels accomplished and alive and fearless and capable every single day, and candy bars cost a penny, and freedom really does ring–it is a dream that once was near reality, in the nation firmly built on the philosophical foundations of Adam Smith and John Locke, in the constitution. Instead I will wake up to what, in this nation, should be only possible in a nightmare. I will have to gather my tax information together, and file a 1040, and write a check to the U.S. Treasury, knowing I will never see that money again, and reflecting that it may be spent killing an out-of-work delivery person in a place far away, or bailing out wealthy bankers who got a little too greedy, or throwing more money at a problem no amount could solve, or taking the home of an elderly couple so that it may be bulldozed, and the land granted to some Congressman’s golfing buddy, who specializes in developing strip malls. I will endure the artificially high prices of a market handcuffed by collusion and regulation, and hear about a recession from bank-employed market strategists whose jobs are in no danger; and through all of this, ordinary Americans will come to know the difference between being broke and being impoverished–between being a slave with a generous master, and being a slave with a discontented one–when with all of their honest labor and goodness, the people of this country should have known neither. It is difficult today to read the words of Jefferson or Paine, Goldwater or Reagan, and not become frustrated or saddened by the nuttiness of a nation that has given up on the idea of liberty, only to serve the ever-changing, highly propagandized collective ideal made up by a tiny elite in a city hundreds of miles away. My aim in writing you is only to ease the sadness and frustration I feel for the individuals of our society, and restore my own confidence in my worldly pursuits; I know these things don’t interest you all that much, and I certainly will return the favor by humoring your repulsive stories of creepy crawlies inside dead bodies. But, I feel that if I can awaken you to these issues–that if you, the American _____ ______, in your infinite compassion and enviable wisdom, can recognize the recent errors of our nation’s ways and want to see them corrected before they become our greatest mistakes–liberty may still find a rightful home here. So tell me, am I crazy?


To HELL with the REPUBLICRATS. Have faith in the Free Revolution Party!

 Republicans put faith in the George W. Bush security system, to which we are told we owe our livelihoods, and which has brought with it a knack for creating terrorists much faster than Osama Bin Laden ever could.  Democrats put faith in the welfare state, believing that ever-increasing transfer payments will end poverty in the United States, when they in fact have the opposite effect, and moreover cannot be implemented without coercive tactics hostile to liberty.  Who can Americans trust now?  Will we have faith in OBAMA or MCCAIN?  CLINTON or BUSH?  KARL MARX, BENITO MUSSOLINI, or–dare I say–ADOLF HITLER?  Faith in socialism?  Faith in authoritarianism?  Faith in statism?  Faith in fascism?  Faith in the Department of Homeland Security? Faith in marshal law?  Faith in tribunals and secret prisons?  Faith in pharmaceutical companies?  Faith in media conglomerates?  Faith in the god-forsaken banks?  Faith in the tired policies that–even when their aims seem good–resolve eventually to make our lives ever-more riven with fear, submission, and misery?  Who the HELL are We the People, and what in God’s name has happened to our country?

What happened to the America that had faith in the American people?  That America which required its citizens to act–not out of fear, submission, charity, or despair–but out of their own best interest?  Where are you now, our beloved country?  ‘Tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, we sing, but after much searching, we cannot find you. 

The dissenting votes in Washington are disappearing.  Democrats and Republicans squabble with each other, but at the end of the day, they compromise under the pretenses of security and social welfare, and both parties get their ways at the expense of liberty.  Both have become socialistic and monopolistic, and merely try to deflect public funds in slightly different directions, and deflect the minds of America as well.  Democrats and Republicans should be considered as one–they are the Republicrats, and they are the enemy of everything good naturally provided to America. 

By nature, by divine will, we were given freedom.  We were given the chance at something improbable, a fresh slate of freedom, with free markets, liberty and justice, and thousands of miles of oceans between ourselves and our enemies, and we even made it more free in certain ways, but now the REPUBLICRATS are taking it all away, under the guidance of their corporate candidacy-makers.

The corporate interests support both political parties, and get paid regardless of which party is in control.  The traditional political battleground setting Democrat against Republican, has become a smoke screen for advancing socialistic corporatism.  There is a symbiotic relationship between the Republicrats and corporations that is too glaring not to be seen, too absurd not to be laughed at, too powerful not to be feared, and such as could only have been made by those, whose understandings were darkened by the narrow and crabby spirit of a despairing political party.  The Republicrats, funded heavily by corporate interests, carry on petty battles of lip-service to their constituents, while always increasing the average American’s reliance on government, and the ever-growing federal budget is dedicated to the profits of interested corporations, whose lobbyists actually write and carry out the legislation. 

The difference between the citizens and the corporations, with respect to government, is that citizens blame government, believing it to be something, but the corporations laugh at government, knowing it to be nothing at all.  The United States has a two-party system made up of Democrats and Republicans who, though they are opposed, are still united to keep up the common corporatist mystery.  The Democrat despises the Republican, and visa versa, and each prescribes predictable remedies for the symptoms of America’s illnesses, but they are mad scientists.  They prolong the disease to test their increasingly damaging medications until our system fails, and though the REPUBLICRATS are well-aware of it, neither dares to even mention the cure, which the American deserves.  America will no longer be denied the simple cure to this illness.  Give us liberty.  Give us the Constitution.  Give us the old way of free enterprise, free markets, freedom to succeed, freedom to fail, freedom to learn, freedom to save, freedom to spend, freedom to give, freedom to grow, freedom to pray, and freedom to sell our labor, goods, or services at a marketable price, without forfeiting nearly half of our earnings to be spent spreading murder, hatred, misery, submission, and despair here and around the globe.

 The Constitution, the REPUBLICRATS claim, is antiquated.  Americans focus not on whether a thing is old or new, but whether it is right or wrong, and Americans are sure of one thing: the REPUBLICRATS must go!

I am going to start a new political party, the Free Revolution Party (FR), in Tennessee.  The Free Revolution is America.  We stand for individualism, freedom and reason, we support the Constitution and free markets, we are non-interventionists, and we propose a Constitutional Amendment to divorce corporation and government, because the all-too-happy couple has made children of American citizens, and abused children at that.  For more information, leave a comment, and I will add you to the email update list for the new Free Revolution Party.