NRSC ignores viable conservative Schiff in CT Senate race


Over the past decade, no one has articulated the truth about free markets better than Peter Schiff.  For years the Connecticut brokerage manager has expressed a free market, limited government position across cable news networks, to the cheers of conservatives around the United States.  

Schiff is running for Senate in 2010, and his campaign has received donations on par with all the other GOP Senatorial primary candidates in Connecticut.  He is one of the few truly conservative Republicans seeking office in the Northeast part of the country, and he is polling ahead of the incumbent Democrat, Senator Chris Dodd.  You would think this would make Schiff the ideal candidate for the GOP to steal Dodd’s seat.  But the National Republican Senatorial Committee, for unknown reasons, refuses to even acknowledge Schiff’s candidacy.  Their website lists four Republicans seeking the seat, but fails to mention Schiff, the man who may indeed have the best chance to win.

Today I received a donation request from the NRSC.  The NRSC appears to me to be an organization devoted to demagoguery, and if it refuses to mention a principled conservative like Schiff on its website, its fundraising ability depends more on ignorance than on conservative principles.


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