DeGraw solid, honeyhoney sweet


Apologies to my readers for leaving the political realm for this post, but this is my blog and I will write whatever the hell I want to on it.  Today I want to write about a concert.

I went to see Gavin DeGraw at the Square Room last night.  I actually got to meet him a few hours before his show, which was a bonus.  He was walking around Market Square in Knoxville.  He seemed to be shopping, but he was kind enough to stop and talk with me for a minute.

DeGraw, musically, was about what I expected him to be.    He sounds a lot like his albums.  He surprised me once; while playing “Mountain to Move”, which is a quiet song, DeGraw turned to his lead guitarist and said, “hold on.”  The music stopped.  DeGraw was annoyed.  He said, “I can’t play over all this talking.”  He then respectfully told the audience to either shut up or leave, and started the song from the top.  The crowd submitted; the room fell completely silent for the entire song.  It was unexpected and stellar.

But the best surprise was the opener I had never heard of, honeyhoney.  There were only two members, a guy named Ben and a gal named Suzanne.  They were uber-talented.  Ben played guitar (and drums, sort of, if you can imagine what that might be like simultaneously), and Suzanne played violin, banjo, and sang (beautifully, but not all at once).  I was so impressed that I bought their disc, First Rodeo.  That’s right, I paid for music.  I listened to it in the car on the way home.  Enjoyable.  Where the hell did this band come from?  I wondered.

Upon arriving home, I wanted to see what sort of youtube presence they had.  I searched “honey honey,” and though there were a ton of hits, I was disappointed to find they were all Mamma Mia and ABBA videos–not that there’s anything wrong with Mamma Mia or ABBA.

Google hooked me up with their website, and as it turns out, I am the one out of the loop, not them.  Unknown to me, Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe have apparently gained relative fame as honeyhoney.  For instance, Kiefer freaking Sutherland is in their video for “Little Toy Gun”.  When I heard Suzanne sing that song live, I mentioned that she sounded almost exactly like Amy Winehouse (she did, but not as much on the record).

Fortunately, Suzanne does not look like Amy Winehouse.  She is an adorable, down-to-earth redhead (for now) with an edgy sense of humor and a welcoming smile.  From what I gathered, Ben is no slouch either.  I’m no judge of masculine sexiness, but when honeyhoney first came onstage, someone nearby asked if Ben was Gavin DeGraw.  The girl next to me noted that he was, “way too good-looking to be Gavin DeGraw.”  I’m not sure if that’s a knock on Gavin or a compliment to Ben.

If you don’t know Gavin DeGraw’s music, climb out of your hole and give it a listen.

I encourage all to visit honeyhoney’s website and listen to them as well.   Feed these relatively famous starving artists by purchasing their music and/or groupie gear (they have cool t-shirts with crows on them).


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