My interview with The Pakistani Spectator

Pakistani politics

I would like to inform my readers of an up and coming Pakistani website called The Pakistani Spectator.  Its webmaster, Ghazala Khan (who may or may not be a descendant of Genghis), is committed to the free flow of ideas throughout the world.   It is people like Khan who–more than the overpaid CEO’s of biased, failing media conglomerates–are laying the foundation for lasting global understanding, friendship, and peace.  Websites like The Pakistani Spectator are creating a global forum in which the humble average citizen of one country may speak openly with the humble average citizen of another, and these two would-be-strangers may find a common interest in peace that their governments and corporate media would have hidden from them.

If Americans wish to truly know a foreign people, they should look not to the solitary voice of that foreign government, but to the myriad voices of its real people.  This is a luxury only the blogosphere can provide, and it is the luxury that people like Ghazala Khan help provide to the world.  The greatest tool for peace that humans have is direct communication, and never before has that tool been available to so many.

Thomas Paine wrote, “Man will not be brought up with the savage idea of considering his species as his enemy, because the accident of birth gave the individuals existence in countries distinguished by different names.” If, after more than two centuries of lying inefficaciously upon our bookshelves, and lying ceaselessly to the hopeful minds of multitudes, those words are to finally become truth, humankind may owe less gratitude to Paine’s enlightenment than to the free exchange of ideas across the worldwide web.

I agreed to an interview with The Pakistani Spectator, which may be found here.  I encourage all to bookmark the website and watch it grow and develop into a large and peaceful online community.


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