Nationalism, socialism, and empire

Those three things will soon destroy America. We’re wasting money on things that aren’t working. “But old people…” “But the terrorists…” “But poverty…” “But kids need things…” “But diseases…” Please.

“But universal health care…”  Stop.  If you have purchased cable television, or even electricity, but no health insurance, you obviously do not care much for your health.

America is like a guy who jumps from a rooftop to escape a honeybee, and is subsequently paralyzed.

It’s the Constitution, stupid.


One Response

  1. As much as I hate to admit it, Its too late holmes. Americans have been brainwashed into accepting the State as the ultimate caretaker and provider. We had a helluva run, but I think this horse might need to be put down. There is another Derby winner in the next stall though.

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