George Carlin turned unfortunate truths into humor


A couple of nights ago the world lost George Carlin, an “entertainer,” they will say, a man who may be called crazy, but should never be called wrong.

George Carlin saw things as they were, which borders on being “criminal-minded” in any society. For every thousand people perpetuating customary lies, there is one telling the truth; and from each thousand telling the truth, there is at most one doing so in a way that is creative enough to be noticed. George Carlin was one of these extraordinary individuals, and as we watch the people, the voices, and the external “consciences” of our lives multiply by the thousands, we should remember that nearly all of them become dull and pointless when contrasted with Carlin.

Many people talk about changing our world, but they suggest a tax cut here, or restriction or subsidy there–this was not George Carlin’s idea of changes. Carlin aimed to undermine the entire screwed-up system he had observed. He wanted to put the people in charge of the country. He wanted to render the government deathly afraid of the people over whom they ruled, and it is a sad statement about America, that for this desire, Carlin is widely recognized as a fringe personality, because there is nothing more American than a government that fears its constituents.

RIP George.


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