Ignorance v. Oklahoma: state sovereignty, and its frightening media blackout

Oklahoma legislature

I heard a rumor today that Oklahoma’s state legislature had declared sovereignty from federal mandates it considered beyond the national government’s constitutional powers. On blogs and independent news outlets around the world, the news of Oklahoma’s resolution was making its rounds. The state invoked the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Oklahoma has informed the United States government that it will not continue to follow the federal government’s requests, if those requests fall outside the specific powers given to the federal government by the Constitution. Oklahoma’s House of Representatives believes the Constitution was written to limit the powers of the federal government, and is ready to fight in court to restrict it back to its legal prerogatives.

This would greatly dampen the federal government’s control in Oklahoma in many policy areas: education, transportation, identification, immigration, licensing, taxation, banking, the list goes on and on.

Who would this hurt? No ordinary Americans, but some large corporations stand to literally topple if the federal government is limited to its Constitutional scope. These corporations and the over-sized government rely on each other for survival, steadily sucking money and power from their rightful owners, individual Americans, who are fed a steady stream of television and radio propaganda so that the scheme may be perpetuated. This leaves the thinking American wondering why nearly everyone hates the government, hates corporations, and hates the nation’s direction, but no one seems ever able to do anything about it.

Here is your answer: people are trying to do something about it, but corporate media will not allow American citizens to know what is actually good for them, because it would likely hurt profit margins.

Despite the fact that this is one of the more important news stories of the day (if not this era), I could not find a mention about Oklahoma’s declaration of sovereignty on any corporate media outlets. I decided to find out if the story was nothing more than a big Internet hoax. It was real. It is real. Not only did the Oklahoma House vote for the resolution, they passed it 92 – 3, and language of the bill is forceful and direct, aimed at undermining the federal government as aggressively as necessary.

Bloggers and independent media are no strangers to mainstream media blackouts, but this blackout seems particularly impressive in its orchestration. First of all, this is a complete corporate blackout of what is probably the most fundamental piece of legislation passed in Oklahoma in many years. Not only are national networks ignoring it, the local news won’t cover it either. It is as though the Oklahoma state legislature has been disappeared by the corporate political establishment, which is frightening.

If the federal government can get away with ignoring a legitimate state legislature and the Constitution as if neither even exists, imagine what they are capable of doing to freelance bloggers who defend the Constitution, or a peaceful assembly of libertarians, or political opponents, or the entire population of a minority religion. Imagine that, and suddenly the American flags covering this nation will begin to resemble something historic and horrible, the names of American rulers will begin to take on a German tone, and it will appear as though President Bush is growing a dark toothbrush mustache.

I have been looking, but have still been unable to find a mainstream media mention of the resolution. Please let me know if you have better luck.

It is almost indisputable: there is a civil war going on for control of the minds of Americans. It pits the United States propagandists against the Oklahomans, defenders of a free society. Will Americans be allowed to think for themselves, or will they continue to irrationally observe and repeat whatever comes out of the noisy, flashing boxes in their living rooms?


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  2. You make a lot of good points — I do agree with you, for instance, that Americans rely too much on media propaganda to form their opinions for them — but it would have been more compelling if you provided some evidence for your points rather than just asserting them as unproven opinion.

    For example, you make a lot of bold assertions in your “Who would this hurt?” paragraph that you don’t bother substantiating with any facts, evidence, or rational arguments. One example — are you aware of any Pew Research survey (or any other survey) you can cite to back up your claim that nearly everyone hates the government and corporations? If not, it’s just your own opinion that this is the case. Personally, without looking for any surveys etc., I think most Americans do not hate corporations. I base this on the fact that most Americans depend on corporations for goods and services, many if not most working Americans work at corporations, and over 60 million households own stock in corporations, either directly or through 401K’s, IRA’s, and other retirement plans.

  3. Every Patriot should contact the Oklahoma Senate and ask them to support OK. Rep. Hon. Charles Key and his HB 1089. Every state should be doing this. As a Delegate here in Indiana I intend to inform as many citizens and Legislators as I can reach. I hardily urge everyone who may see this to do the same.

  4. jeffreyellis –
    Sometimes I get frustrated with the jaw-dropping stupidity of the people around me and generalize. I admit I am not a very objective self-editor. One of my co-workers asserted to me the other day that a bigger federal government is necessary to save us from the evil of capitalist corporations, and I mistakenly thought of that as a misconception that is held by the majority. I probably would have been wiser to say that some people blame government for societal ills, others blame corporations, and the two groups typically compromise to make the objects of their contempt a lot richer and more powerful, which does not help solve any problems.

  5. The reason you haven’t heard more about this in the media is that IT DID NOT PASS.

    The proposed law passed the House, but was stalled in the Senate and did not pass there. It’s held over for the next session.

    In fact, contrary to rumors, not one sovereignty law has passed and been signed by any state governor, though this might be the year that we see some serious progress.


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  7. I am from upstate , NY and watch our rather conservative values trampled under the leviathon know as the New YOrk City Socialists. I believe that upstate New York should be independent and your cause is important to me and us to set a modern day precedent. Keep fighting and remember our country is right but , for roght now, our government is our enemy.

  8. This was a non-binding resolution. It was not legislation that would become law.

    Even if it had passed both houses of the OK legislature it would have had no teeth whatsoever.

    The one thing it could do, had it passed, is raise the level of discussion about the issue of state’s rights.

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