Jesse “the Body” Ventura mind-slams the Republicrats


“I’m pleased to report my success in repealing one law.  It had to do with the game of bingo.” – Jesse Ventura

How could I resist?  The ex-wrestler turned politician named his book Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!  How am I supposed to resist reading that?

Of all the insane people in the world, Jesse Ventura is perhaps the most sensible.  In his latest book, he talks about his days as navy SEAL, pro wrestler, and governor.  He also rails against organized religion and the political establishment, and toys with the idea of running for President with Bobby Kennedy’s son, Robert Jr.

Ventura discusses some of the most recent paranoias he has developed.  Having long considered JFK’s assassination to be government conspiracy, Ventura discusses his own suspicious brushes with the CIA as Minnesota’s governor.

A few rays of truth shine through Ventura’s forest of distraction.  He recognizes that Americans want a type of change the media won’t allow them to see.  He recognizes the disadvantages of partisanship, and the absurdity of voting for the lesser of two evils.  He reveals his heart to be pure, even if his education is not officially so.  He feels and perpetuates a revolutionary spirit, kindled in America, that will not burn out until the whole nation is engulfed by its flames once again–the old revolutionary spirit of freedom.


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