Tough love for America (not hate)

The storm is brewing.

For those who understand the economic structure of the United States, and hold–like myself–a neoclassical economic philosophy, the short term and long term outlooks for the status quo are gloomy for the individual, and in turn, for the nation as a whole. An economic system whose stated goals are maximum employment and minimum wage will self-destruct, because it steadily reduces the productivity of labor. Inevitably labor will lose efficiency, wages will stagnate, banks will fail, and inflation will soar; and then there will be a period of pretended stability, during which the average American worker seems less “broke” than usual. This process will be repeated until the government’s burden is greater than the nation’s production, at which point something has to change (probably not peacefully).

There is no safe store of value in the United States today, which is why the nation has a negative savings rate. The system itself is orchestrating its own demise, and I am ready to see the depths of that failure. It is true that I would like to see the United States economy collapse, but only so that it may be rebuilt on a foundation of solid principles–principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility that have all but disappeared from our society.

For my “unpatriotic” short-term wishes and my lofty long-term dreams, my character is under assault by both wings of the ruling elite. When analyzing my character in respect to the U.S. economy, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity quizzically find themselves on common ground with the Al’s of Sharpton, Gore, and Franken, in the collective conclusion that I hate America. But who are the true haters of America–those who wish to control markets and individuals, all of whom show a disappointing lack of faith in their fellow humans, or those who wish to set them free, and rest their faith in the individual? Individual liberty and personal responsibility are the pure sources of our streams, tributaries, and mighty rivers of wealth. When we treat the reservoir of wealth but neglect its sources, we err tremendously, because we unwittingly produce the pollutants we wish to remove.

It is not that I want America to fail–I want America to succeed, but I know it will not if it continues on its present path–a path lined by the barbs of corporate media and political apathy, and leading in the direction of insurmountable debt, insatiable public entitlement, and a tidy totalitarian hell. This America is the one I wish to see fail, and in truth, it is not America at all. The America I love no longer exists. Socialists of all parties disbanded it generations ago, but it will be restored. The inextinguishable embers of liberty will burn brightly once again, fueled by political revolution, only the timing of which is uncertain.


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  1. I totally agree with your article. The America of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham are no more. Being a land of opportunity means: if one is smart enough, one can in no time, accumulate vast wealth without any perspiration. Let those who sweat feed one’s greed. There is something iniquitous where five per cent of the population own half the wealth, while many cannot make ends meet, after doing two or three jobs and millions are underemployed or unemployed..
    Materialism has suffocated integrity. Even those who preach the gospel of Jesus and should beware of mammon are among the wealthiest. in this country. Their wealth (with a few exceptions) are sitting like heaps of compost which, if scattered can fertilise the fields, but the fields are allowed to fallow resulting in th profusion of rank weeds.
    The America we would like to see, if future generations should heed the writing on the wall may be too late. Men are unwilling to give up their short time ease for what they may not live to see. Vision, and not optimism, should be the watchword. Where there is no vision the people perish. Also, the people get the government they deserve.

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