Wealth, Economics and Foreign Policy

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A real financial tip: Don’t buy anything you can’t afford, and hold onto whatever property you have through this depression. This is not a sale on financial stocks, nor is it a time to be jumping into shallow pools of capital. This is the beginning of something unprecedented and horrible for this country, and the media is making light of it. The Federal Reserve is knee-deep right now, and it’s only going to get worse over the next two years. If you look at the economic indicators, there is no avoiding rough times ahead, and the people may end up burning down the Fed’s doors by the time everything they have done comes to light. When bond and interest rates start skyrocketing, all hell will break loose, and there will be two choices: massive unemployment or hyperinflation (likely a combination of the two).

The worst thing that could happen: war with Iran. I believe China is trying to bait the U.S. into war with Iran, so that they may become allies with Iran and turn against Europe and the United States. Part of Iran’s political confidence has to stem from some assurance from the Chinese. After China backs Iran in the U.S. invasion, they will then call all of their U.S. Treasury securities, sell U.S. stocks, and leave our economy completely destroyed, which would allow them to realize their long-awaited goal of becoming the world’s top superpower. Our military and economic interests would find themselves penniless and cornered in the Middle East and Asia, and if cool heads do not prevail, we might quickly assume the identity of a nationalist and socialist country, eager to blame anyone but ourselves.

Going forward from the depths of what is sure to come within a score (hyperstagflation and confiscatory tax rates while paying the boomer generation’s debts and entitlements), the important thing to realize is that we already know how to build a solid foundation of self-security.  We did it over two hundred years ago, and we need to follow the Constitution back to prosperity. We must learn from history, practice sound economic and monetary policies, and stop repeating our mistakes.  For now, the writing is on the wall, and I am eager to wash it off as quickly as possible.  The Fed needs to let the market correct itself, and stop prolonging its own demise.


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  1. The FED doesn’t care about its own demise. Bernanke, Geithner, Summers and Co. know exactly where this is heading. They are many things, but stupid is not one of them. The international establishment, mainly the Anglo-Saxon establishment, who invented fractional reserve central banking way back when in the old country to finance their non stop wars, do not care if the FED meets its demise after hyperstagflation hits. All the creators and the overseers of the Federal Reserve System, and all central banks, care about, is that their wealth and power become greater while the wealth of the people of the world, specifically the American middle class, is gone – stolen from them while they slept and idled away their time drinking beer and watching football (or martinis and The Hills). They power elites of America, and the world, are looting the country right now. Luckily for us, the Chinese and Japanese are either too stupid to realize what is going on or are still adhering to the moves scripted for them by the heads of the Anglo-Saxon establishment (I do not consider myself either informed enough or smart enough to pick, and stick with, a distinction on the China/Japan issue – I’m just glad they’re still buying debt). When hyperinflation or stagflation or whatever the culprit ends up being that destroys America, the solution will be either regional government or global government. Global government, a global super state, is the ultimate goal of the Anglo-saxon establishment, the power elite, the Insiders, as Robert Welch coined them. They create the problem, i.e. fractional reserve central banking that eventually debases the currency of the nation, in this case America, and then offer up the solution, in this case either entry into the North American Union, or Community, whatever they will change the name to, with its single currency (the Amero? possibly, again, the specifics dont matter), or a direct entry into some sort of global system, under control of the United Nations with the International Monetary Fund acting as the global central bank. And then, all of a sudden, maybe a decade from that point, maybe two or three or six, or less even, Orwell becomes reality; humanity, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists.

    I look forward to your response to this.

    Actually, I will pick a distinction on the China/Japan issue. They are just playing their part. On “The Grand Chessboard,” as Brzezinksi has dubbed it, there are no unorchestrated moves. Every move is for a reason. The rulers of the world are not stupid. Therefore, the Chinese and Japanese know exactly what they are doing. Their country will collapse as well when America can only pay them back in fiat money that is worse way less than it was the week before. The entire world will be in a state of chaos when that happens, and the people will scream for and beg for those same rulers to “save me, save me,” and the rulers will oblige them, and a global super state will be formed. Maybe this global superstate will not be formed all at once, but without a massive uprising of educated, freedom loving people around the world, whether they are armed or not, global government is an absolute certainty.

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