Nationalists on the Right, Socialists on the Left, compromise for a planned economy with Muslims in concentration camps

The following was a response to the letter that appears below it, and I share as proof that neoconservatives are a little confused about reality–too much Fox News perhaps.  The writer of this rudimentary stream of consciousness–if it can be called that–is to remain anonymous.  I would not sacrifice a friend for a political disagreement, regardless of his obvious flaws.  My next entry will be a response to this.

Yes, you are crazy. While you may have a long grocery list of complaints, you seem to be ignoring one of the fundamental truths in life; True freedom, and true patriotism, begin with personal responsibility. Personal responsibility means carrying your share of the load. Think on this for some time before you launch into criticism of others. If every one of us did our part, there would be no need for a Nanny State. However, your laundry list is not linked together by any common ideals, except maybe that you poetically copied liberal talking points (which you also lamented, ironic no?). Personally, I find empty liberal rhetoric to be one of the most repulsive things in our society, if you want to attach values to personal interests.

Americans do not incite violence, but we sure do use it when attacked or when necessary. The deaths of our soldiers is very sad and unfortunate, but so would be the deaths of innocent Americans going about their business in any number of potential terrorist targets. If you are so logical, as you espouse in this letter, how can you not link the conflict in Iraq with the absence of terrorist attacks here, or even in Europe (not since London has there been a large attack). Also, being the true defender of freedom that you are, how do you fail to link the concept of personal responsibility into freedom. Whether or not you agree with invading Iraq, we did it. That cannot change. We must take responsibility and help the country rebuild. Please do not respond to this with the typical empty liberal smears about empire building, controlling the Iraqi government, etc, because we are blatantly doing none of that. We have reaped no huge “oil gains” from the war, and we are not telling Iraq how to run their country any more than we bargain with other world governments. We are providing security, both for Iraq to rebuild, and for ourselves.

Further, you are preaching to the choir about the wastes of big government. Take your song and dance to someone who disagrees about high taxes, bad economic policy (in the whole Bear Stearns mess) if you want to enact change. But remember, change always begins at home.

“Iraq is the perfect stage for the start of Jihad” – Osama Bin Laden. Translated: if we win Iraq, the jihad rolls on.


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