Obama inspires people. To do what?

The savior?

Vladimir Lenin inspired people too.  That doesn’t mean his ideas about government were good.  As far as I can tell, Obama only inspires people to encourage the government to take care of all their problems.


“Good morning, United States Comrade #183790433.  How much free gas, food, and healthcare would you like today?  You feel good about your country.  Go to work if you would like.  Your work helps Obama provide for you.  Just sit around and play Playstation 3 if you prefer.  Either way, Obama will take care of you.  Obama has decided your job is no longer necessary because of its carbon footprint.  You can find a job building wind turbines at the Obama career center, or you can stay home and watch Oprah.  Live comfortably knowing that, if we only hope hard enough, we can meet our great goals as a society.  Enjoy your day of hope and fulfillment.  Yes we can.”


2 Responses

  1. awesome, I wish I had your witt.

    DB Reese

  2. Evoking Reagan sort of on this, This nation shall not accept nor prohibited the Socialist stupidity of an Idiot Senator with little to no experience on any matter, let alone the freedoms and the limited interference by govt, in the matters of everyday people.
    If you allow this your city on a shining hill shall be laid to waste by a non birth certificate having , socialist idealist giving, terrorist supporting man that will not be tolerated for the good of the true American people.

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