Fox News propaganda for aggressive war

Paul raised money from real people--not corporate lobbyists
From January 12 (so that we may not forget the blatant propaganda allowing America’s crimes against humanity to perpetuate).  After being left out of Fox’s NH debate, Ron Paul is allowed back into a discussion, to the disappointment of cold-hearted corporatists and governors everywhere.  No stone was left unturned in the establishments disgusting effort to destroy the only powerful person in America who actually cares about the original American cause of freedom.  When they realized they could not refute his argument, that his Presidency would be a blow to socialism and corporate power, and that he was picking up momentum faster than any of their chosen candidates, the media ignored him and made fun of him, and called him “cultish,” when all he did was tell people the unadulterated truth.

From the freakish opening anthem to the head-nodding post-debate “focus groups” led by the perversely coercive “F*** You Frank” Luntz, Fox News’ coverage of the South Carolina GOP Debate Thursday looked more like Hitleresque propaganda than news.

The debate was preceded by a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, which is traditionally sung artfully by a single individual, only this time it was a sung quickly and forcefully by a group of men in stiff black suits and Stepford-like women in white dresses. They were unnaturally spaced and robotic as they sang. “This is weird,” I said aloud as I watched.

The debate itself was, by professional and political standards, a complete failure. The most important issue to Americans is the economy. The greatest threat to the economy is the fiscal gap, and no candidate–with the exception of Ron Paul–laid out any sort of plan to cut spending. There was one mention of the possible reinstatement of the line-item veto, something Republicans worked against during the Clinton years. Both parties have adopted the attitude that ignoring the Constitution is okay if their own party is doing it.

Fox News welcomed Congressman Ron Paul back to the unseemly surreality of second-rate cable news network debates, but if they missed the voice of reason in New Hampshire, they did not show it. The questions asked of Congressman Paul were anything but welcoming. He was asked whether or not he believed America attacked itself on 9/11, the answer to which the inquirer already knew was “no,” so his only motive was to connect Dr. Paul to this “truther” movement, as they call themselves. “Electability: do you have any?” was one of the questions proposed to Dr. Paul. He handled it elegantly by his standards, but the question lacked the respect and substance the setting of political discourse requires. For the contemplative person, these discredited Fox’s entire slew of pre-determined events. Never in United States history has a statesman been treated with such improper abhorrence. Never has such nationalist thoughtlessness been so easily accepted by the democratic American people, who have always been known for individuality.

While Ron Paul was given questions designed to make him look like a kook, his opponents laughed confidently, knowing that their lies would be more palatable than his truths. Such a mentality, and the media’s shocking acceptance of it, is the same one that gave the Nazi Party overwhelming leverage in Germany after the Reichstag fire.

Perhaps most concerning was not the heir of bigoted supremacy displayed by Fred Thompson and John McCain, but the fact that the once correctness-obsessed news media let their anti-Muslim jests slide completely. Thompson joked about Iranian seamen meeting their virgins. This is the equivalent of a Middle East leader saying he would like to shove a cross up a dead American soldier’s ass, but news organizations only reported how funny it was, completely ignoring the insensitivity of the comment. When addressing the issue of trade with certain Middle Eastern countries, John McCain said he isn’t interested in “trading burkas” with them. This too was ignored by the press. The way these men went uncriticized for these comments is similar to the way Nazis went uncriticized for anti-Semitic remarks. Simply delete Jew and insert Muslim, and the beginnings of National Socialist Germany fit neatly into contemporary American society.

After the debate, Frank Luntz was, well, Frank Luntz. Everyone in his focus group acted the way they were supposed to, with no original thoughts. I thought I heard one of his drones say, “Napoleon is always right,” but I could have imagined it. Frank would ask for a show of hands, “who thinks Fred Thompson won the debate?” All the hands shot up. “Who thinks Ron Paul lost the debate?” The hands shot up with passion, without a thought, in blind agreement with Frank’s suggestions. “I, Frank” they seemed to say. “Heil, Hitler” is what they unwittingly invoked, just following orders.


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  1. I used to watch Fox all the time. I have studied Ron Paul for 15 years. They really showed their propaganda when the debates where held. I was a loyal Fox Fan and could not believe what I saw. Americans really need to take Fox off the air. It is pure propaganda and i was sucked into it for a long time. I can’t put Fox on my TV
    every again.

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