Democrats are not liberals. Republicans are socialists.

No exits!
The word “liberal” has been butchered in this country, almost beyond repair.  Too often, political pundits in America refer to socialistic or collectivistic beliefs as “liberal,” when in fact these beliefs are anything but liberal.  Republicans like to call Democrats “liberal,” as though the charge is somehow dishonorable, when in fact a liberal person is one who defends freedom, and almost no American finds fault in real liberalism, which is the belief in individual freedom and equal opportunity.  The user of the term “liberal” is usually criticizing certain collectivistic aspirations common to the Democrat party, and these goals have nothing to do with being liberal.  When we recognize liberals as defenders of individual freedom, and socialists as activists for the “greater good,” we realize that liberals only act in the absence of freedom, and that socialists must stifle liberalism in order to achieve their goals.  Big-government liberalism–or individualistic socialism–is an akward but frightening monstrosity that has conquered both major political parties in the United States, and it uses irrational beliefs, boundless hope, and the propaganda of patriotism and social welfare to advance its steady march toward imperialism, fascism and collapse.

There are very few liberals in government representing either the Democrat or Republican parties.  It is safe to say that nearly the entire lot of American politicians are socialists, and therefore cannot be considered liberal.  There is little sense in the Republican who calls the Democrat “liberal”; it is the pot calling the kettle periwinkle.  Politicians are almost all socialist “planners,” who talk about freedom to gain political support, but in reality, they harbor fear and disdain for liberalism.


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  1. no, it’s an ideology.

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