The economics of planned American Empire

It is a matter of fact that all empires end in economic collapse. The U.S. superpower is performing its closing act. Over the last 20 days, the dollar (relative to the Euro) has lost over 4% of its value. The dollar is down over 13% in the last year. Over the last two years, M3 (the number of dollars in circulation) has risen by 43%. Production (or efficient labor, or GDP) gives the dollar value, and it is foolish to believe that U.S. production has increased by 43% in that time. This rise is the result of an enormous credit bubble, which represents a fraudulent source of spending power among Americans and their government. The rules of market economics are as elegant and defined as any law of physics. Nothing is free, and those who live beyond their means, for any period of time, are destined also to live beneath them. At a modest estimate, tens of millions of Americans are among those that share an unfortunate destiny. Much of what is today considered the U.S. economy is merely fraudulent product participation. Too many Americans have become buyers of goods and services without any intention of ever producing goods and services.

The U.S. government has also been living beyond its means for quite some time now. They are blessed, however, with powers that the rest of us cannot exercise–at least, not without the risk of imprisonment–powers to tax and print currency, and they exercise them now and will accelerate the practice soon. The dollar is no longer king on the international market, and the creditors of the U.S. are becoming aware of that, and will soon call back their bonds. What good is a 4% annual yield U.S. Treasury security that is measured in dollars, which are decreasing in value at a much faster rate? The U.S. Treasury will be forced to repay its debts, and if it complies peacefully (which is no guarantee), another $10,000,000,000,000.00 will be tossed into the dollar supply (a 60% rise in M3), and while the ensuing inflationary tsunami pummels middle-class America, and renders them either bankrupt or devoid of spending power, the U.S. government will intervene, to “solve” a problem caused precisely by its intervention.

Be forewarned about two policy formulations, which I think are likely to come about during the depths of the inevitable depression, and keep in mind that both are likely to occur, as both parties, though opposed, are quite united in maintaining the common mystery, and satisfied to cooperate in practicing coercive control over the natural rights of Americans:

  1. Democrats: This party will likely blame the upper class for the demise of the economy. They will advocate reforms not unlike those of the former Soviet Socialist Republic. Their platform will revolve around transfer payments and public works projects. These reforms do nothing to help their supposed beneficiaries, and will succeed only in turning American citizens into Americans serfs, who will exist, perhaps for generations, for no greater earthly purpose than to observe their own wretchedness.
  2. Republicans: This party will likely place blame outward, on America’s enemies. They will preach the policies of fear, and have for their focus, the destruction of “those who seek to destroy us.” Their foreign policy will be a pre-emptive war doctrine, not unlike the one practiced by the Third Reich, which told German citizens that they were fighting to protect the last refuge of Western ideas. We can only hope that the fears of domestic enemies-what Stalin and Bush have called “sleeper cells”-will not reach German or Soviet proportions; the human ash-heap of history shows, that the subsequent policies of such fears unite reality with nightmare.

Regardless of religious variation, almost all Americans still hold the belief that there are natural, unalienable rights that should be afforded to all of us. Today, those that do not hold this belief are accelerated into positions of power, by an elite intent on undermining the laws that transcend their power. If they were born in our parents’ generation, our founders would be ignored, or laughed at, by the current legislators of the United States. Just over two centuries ago, our system was carefully planned to protect natural rights and national sovereignty. “Our plan is,” as Thomas Paine wrote, “peace for ever.” The plan also was prosperity forever. The plan had a proper philosophical beginning. It was the greatest exertion of human reason yet seen, and it should not be ignored by legislators today, who have, after all, sworn under oath to preserve, protect, and defend it.

Where exactly the plan–“our experiment in freedom,” as Jefferson called it–went wrong, is an endless subject to be discussed by toilers of all political persuasions, as well as their blind followers, but there is certainly a way to make it right again. When anything needs repair, it becomes necessary to read and follow the directions, which can be found here.


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