The Road to 1984: Corporatism and the International Police State

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book (title undetermined): 

Washington, D.C. is broken. The tweaks and levers of contemporary politics offer no fixes for the economic and social problems the United States faces, as they are more of the same. The more energetic a government becomes, the fewer freedoms its citizens enjoy.  Still, the petty partisan battles for power continue at the expense of liberty.

Which Republicans are perverts? Which Democrats are hypocritical tax evaders? Who is flip-flopping? Who accepted money from an entity of questionable character? Any Congresspersons up for a friendly game of “Pin the Tail on the Racist”? At such a serious time in history, I am put off by the partisan banter. There is one idea almost every politician in D.C. can agree on: if they spend enough money, they can rid the world of whatever ails it.

The only things scarier than the fake battles being fought in Washington are the real ones. What will we teach your children? What limits should be enforced against users? What can you watch on television? What sort of books are evil people reading? As terrorists lurk among us, what’s the best way to watch and listen, and catch them? After we catch them, do they really deserve a trial or a defense? Why shouldn’t we torture them? They wouldn’t have been arrested if they weren’t up to something. We should help them meet their virgins sooner than they anticipated.* What is suitable for radio broadcasts? How many polar bears are there? Which cancer treatments can you have? Should you be allowed to use incandescent light bulbs? Should you be allowed to use that much gasoline? Should you be allowed to purchase a firearm? What’s the best way to overthrow a foreign elected leader who disagrees with our global vision? How should we control oil prices? How much of your money should you be allowed to have? Where should we go to war next? If an American disagrees with U.S. foreign policy, at what point is he emboldening the enemy and considered dangerous enough to arrest? Who doesn’t deserve our trade? Where are the moderate Muslims?

“What’s the answer to ninety-nine out of a hundred questions? Money.” All of the questions above-though different-have similarities. All are completely unnecessary, and all contain answers that corporations love to hear, because all require the federal government to grant them more lucrative contracts. No entity can waste money like the U.S. government, and that is why corporations have taken it upon themselves to start running the show in Washington. Businesses are in business to make a profit. When the private sector will not purchase their goods or services (meaning those products have no consumer value), there is a good chance that, after some lobbying, the government will. The market does not hold these corporations accountable, allowing them to do slow and shoddy work, without fear of losing their customer (the government). Washington attracts and breeds all of the following economic parasites: entrepreneurial con-artists, administrative cheats, lazy workers, inferior products, and ineffective services.

A Congressperson needs not read a bill before enacting it. A lobbyist, representing whichever corporation or industry stands to financially benefit from that law (at the expense of the citizen), will always visit the Congressperson and tell them exactly why the law is necessary, elegant, and great for the United States. Voting for it often helps that Congressperson get re-elected.

The difference between the citizens and the corporations, with respect to government, is that the citizens blame government, believing it to be something; and the corporations laugh at government, knowing it to be nothing at all. The United States has a two party system made up of Democrats and Republicans, who, though they are opposed, are still united to keep up the common mystery. The Democrat despises the Republican, and visa versa, and each prescribes certain remedies for the symptoms of America’s illness, but neither of them dares to mention the cure (less government-don’t tell.)

In America, the democratic republic itself is now a smokescreen for corporate greed. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. The media is a key component of corporatism, and one of the major beneficiaries of perpetual war and widespread economic strife. News about peace and prosperity does not sell.

*apologies to Fred Thompson

If interested in pre-ordering a copy, let me know.


2 Responses

  1. Dear rideronthenet:
    Since i have discover this part of the internet I have quite enjoyed reading your works and thoughts. It is a bright spot in the pain of my political nature to hear these truths many of know, but rarely are talked of on TV or Media.
    Although i have no cash today; i would be happy to purchase your book in the future!

  2. DEAR rideronthet :
    Sorry: I spelled your web name wrong!
    My mistake, and no glasses –

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