Huckabee, Schmuckabee

null“The handcuffs are on government not people…the government’s position is hands off in either preferring one religion to another or prohibiting one.” – Mike Huckabee

It would be nice if Huckabee practiced what he preached. This statement directly opposes a marriage amendment. How does banning gay marriage in the U.S. enhance freedom or limit government? It doesn’t.  Let’s call the marriage amendment what it is: a meaningless political tool, designed to amass political support without discussing any consequential political issues.  Huckabee engages in doublespeak. I recommend basing your political decisions on political issues, not religious impositions.

Huckabee also lied when he said he was the only Republican who predicted a recession during the Michigan debate. He actually stole that argument from Ron Paul, who had been saying so for months. Paul actually predicted the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2002. It is nice to see Huckabee listening to the only visionary statesman in Washington. Unfortunately, Huckabee won’t acknowledge his sources, deliberately ignores truth, perverts his religion, and selfishly encourages his followers to abandon everything God-given within themselves, so that they may engage in idolatry.

Mike Huckabee hath lied and contradicted himself on economic and social issues numerous times without explanation, and ye self-described Christians still believe his every word, as though there is mystical truth in His contradiction.  “Here is idolatry even without a mask: and he who can calmly hear, and digest such doctrine, hath forfeited his claim to rationality–an apostate from the order of manhood; and ought to be considered–as one, who hath, not only given up the proper dignity of a man, but sunk himself beneath the rank of animals, and contemptibly crawl through the world like a worm.” – Thomas Paine

At best, Huckabee’s supporters are Christians in the way that the Taliban’s supporters are Muslim, and if times were desperate, their “Biblical” ideals would become as frightening as the Taliban’s, if not more so.


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  1. Huck also says that he is pro-life because every life has intrinsic value, except of course when it comes to the value of the life of a gay person.

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