Old government should be replaced

Prudence often precedes implementation of government programs, regulations, or taxes. Precaution is wise, but it does not guarantee good results. Some government endeavors, most haloed in conception, turn devilish in practice. Therefore, policymakers should scrutinize their decisions just as closely after implementation, recognizing that government and failure are seldom far apart. Unseemly consequences often result from policies of positive intent, and the public should not be considered so incompetent or simple-minded, as to necessitate ignoring, concealing, or creatively accounting for, the bad effects of an energetic government.

Massive governments are considered necessary, only because of their own tendencies to restrict, control, and monopolize individual lives, under the pretense of serving some imagined greater good. The long term results of serving (or receiving the service of) the massive government beast called the “greater good” are detrimental to the individual, and include, but are not limited to, unlivable wages, property depreciation, government dependence, excessive taxation, excessive debt, hopelessness, mental illness, addiction, entrapment, imprisonment, and death. This old system of government operates in direct opposition to America’s faiths in civic virtue, social contract, private property, and free enterprise, which historically brought liberty, peace, and prosperity to individuals across the nation. History recommends a new role of government, and that the present form be abolished, or restored to its original form.


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  1. Brilliant. Press-worthy, no doubt. “Why they hate us?” is particualry notable too. Thanks for the nudge and the excellent Erskine quote.

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  3. Government is, and has always been, the enemy of the people. A government is only an assembled body of people who may wield power over the others who are not in that capacity. When that body of people exceeds its authority (The Constitution), they should be ushered out forthrightly.

    Currently, the President and many in Congress are seeking to unconstitutionally take away rights. The Protect America Act (FISA) seeks to eavesdrop on American’s without a warrant. They seek to shield Tele-coms from liability for giving out your personal information and the content of your discussions or communications. This is tyranny and must be stopped.

    Please contact your Representative and Senators and petition your grievances.

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