Letter to Senator Bob Corker, (R), TN

Senator Corker,

I met you through my friend Brad Smith at a UT football game during your campaign. 

I agree completely with your stance on the stimulus package.  Thank you for standing up for citizens, and not supporting the bill that I see as a not-so-creative vote-buying scheme. 

I was disappointed to read that you voted for the FISA reforms.  Please consider the Fourth Amendment and its origins.  If we allow ourselves to give in to fear, the terrorists have won.  If we lose a million lives, but keep our commitment to freedom, American principles have still triumphed.

The principles of freedom, which made this country great, do not regard America as their home, or the Congress as their protector.  If we abandon them here, principles of freedom will have no home on this planet.  Our aim should be to protect freedoms everywhere.  That is the purpose of American government, right?  That is what made Reagan a hero, in my opinion.

I met a young Chinese student at UT a couple of weeks ago.  He said that foreigners hold all Americans accountable for the continued atrocities in the Middle East, because they have always learned that America is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

When you make a decision, please remember that you are representing all of us, and that the expense of war is always ours.  All Americans get the blame, even though 70% of us want out of Iraq.  All Americans get the blame, even though few of us condone torture or unwarranted wiretaps.  And, if retribution comes (and America is not unbreakable), remember that all of us will be blamed for the injustices perpretrated by a powerful minority, and all of us will suffer the economic and/or military consequences.

Like you, I am small in stature.  When we met, I joked that we saw eye to eye, and I believe we do in a lot of ways.  Please, do not be a small man in Congress.  View things as they are, without regard to person or place, and stand up for American principles of freedom always, no matter the cost.  Uphold the promise of your oath, stand up for freedom, and you will be more than a senator: you will be a statesman. Thanks for your representation.



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