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In 1776, Thomas Paine released the pamphlet Common Sense to the people of America. It was a call to action for the proletarians, and it outlined the idea that freedom works–an idea the newspapers of the time conspired to hide. Hundreds of thousands copies were passed around the colonies during that year.

Today, we face a similar media machine–Fox, GE, Disney, etc.–which exists to limit citizens. Old media likens government and corporation to mother and father.

Trevor Lyman is trying to change all that with Basic Media, Inc. Basic Media, Inc. will be to the new revolution what Common Sense was to the old. Stock information is available at


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    4th July 2008 – WorldWide Revolution against the Corrupt New World Order regime.


    Please take the time to read this communication.

    On 4th July 2008 – A peaceful non-violent demonstration will take place in cities around the world to expose the fraud, corruption and lies at the heart of our governments. It is an opportunity to express your right to free independent thought and to begin the fight to reclaim your liberties and freedoms. On the streets of London, on the sidewalks of Washington D.C, in the heart of Athens and in every other political Capital across the world, demonstrations will take place to demand a return of proper representative government. This may represent a final opportunity for the citizens of the world to stand together to demand the independent free world we all want to live in — WE the people of the world will be heard on this day 04th JULY 2008.

    We encourage all citizens of the world to embark on a journey of discovery now. Through independent research you can gain an understanding of what your governments are doing in your name and the kind of world they are planning for your future. This is not about a far distant country or peoples you do not know, this is about your country, your local community, your family, your friends. It will affect all our futures and concerns all the good people of our world.

    It may prove difficult to grasp, given the constant barrage of propaganda from media institutions, but YOUR government is systematically removing YOUR liberties, YOUR freedoms and YOUR very right to exist as a free thinking individual. In many countries the aim of totalitarian dictatorship has already been achieved and understand this, history teaches sound lessons to us all concerning the consequences of allowing dangerous people to take control and ‘change’ our ‘view’ of the world around us.

    We at visionary-peace are promoting the 4th of July as a day of independent free thought, through peaceful protest. It represents something we can all relate to and represents why we must all stand up and shout for our freedom. The time for media diversion and lies is over. The time for demonstration is NOW. We must raise public awareness to the dangers ahead. The actions of the global elites must not be ignored by good people any longer. These thieves and liars must fail to achieve their ultimate objective now, because if their plans succeed your children will never forgive you. WE are all fighting for our right to exist now, whether we realise it or not.

    The plans of the New World Order are cloaked behind the veil of economic crisis, terrorism, globalisation and corporate partnership. Our governments have been effectively ‘taken-over’. Believe me, your elected representatives are not who they appear to be. Investigate their ‘backgrounds’ for yourself. Look for the family/historic/organisational connections and understand this – your democracy has been usurped by very undemocratic organisations. These people have an agenda which ultimately aims to achieve TOTAL CONTROL over the life of every individual.

    ‘Imagine the future as a size twelve boot stamping on the face of humanity for eternity’, because this is the future the global elite are embarking upon. It will mean the end of your freedom, the end of your liberty, the end of your choice, the end of your individuality. ONLY through protest and civil disobedience can these planned changes to our way of life be halted — Only the citizens of the world, united as ONE can stop the illegal and fraudulent conduct of our governments. TOGETHER we can put a stop to the monstrous totalitarian future our ‘elected’ representatives have planned for us.

    DO YOU really want enslavement for your future? We invite every citizen of the world to seek out the truth — please raise your awareness of the issues….and be prepared — the coming years will bring the fight for freedom to you, into your neighbourhood, into your workplace and into your home.


    Found Published: IMC East Bay | North Bay / Marin | South Bay | U.S. | Tuesday Jul 8th, 2008 5:32 AM

    “Compare Provisions in “Hitler’s Laws” with FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008”

    Today The FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 May be Passed by the U.S. Senate.

    Compare provisions in “Hitler’s Laws” with U.S. FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008: Note similar manner the Act, HR 6304 suspends the U.S. Constitution’s 4th Amendment Protections and Telecommunication Privacy for American Citizens.

    THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008, H.R. 6304 EH may be found at:

    Below: Are Hitler’s signed Discriminatory Laws of February 28, 1933.

    ROBL. I 83


    In virtue of Section 48 (2) of the German Constitution, the following is decreed as a defensive measure against Communist acts of Violence, endangering the state:

    Section 1
    Sections 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124, and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. Thus, restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the right of assembly and the right of association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications, and warrants for house-searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.

    Section 2
    If in a state the measures necessary for the restoration of public security and order are not taken, the Reich Government may temporarily take over the powers of the highest state authority.

    Section 4
    Whoever provokes, or appeals for or incites to the disobedience of the orders given out by the supreme state authorities or the authorities subject to then for the execution of this decree, or the orders given by the Reich Government according to Section 2, is punishable—insofar as the deed, is not covered by the decree with more severe punishment and with imprisonment of not less that one month, or with a fine from 150 up to 15,000 Reichsmarks.

    Who ever endangers human life by violating Section 1, is to be punished by sentence to a penitentiary, under mitigating circumstances with imprisonment of not less than six months and, when violation causes the death of a person, with death, under mitigating circumstances with a penitentiary sentence of not less that two years. In addition the sentence my include confiscation of property.

    Whoever provokes an inciter to or act contrary to public welfare is to be punished with a penitentiary sentence, under mitigating circumstances, with imprisonment of not less than three months.

    Section 5
    The crimes which under the Criminal Code are punishable with penitentiary for life are to be punished with death: i.e., in Sections 81 (high treason), 229 (poisoning), 306 (arson), 311 (explosion), 312 (floods), 315, paragraph 2 (damage to railroad properties, 324 (general poisoning).

    Insofar as a more severe punishment has not been previously provided for, the following are punishable with death or with life imprisonment or with imprisonment not to exceed 15 years:

    1. Anyone who undertakes to kill the Reich President or a member or a commissioner of the Reich Government or of a state government, or provokes to such a killing, or agrees to commit it, or accepts such an offer, or conspires with another for such a murder;

    2. Anyone who under Section 115 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious rioting) or of Section 125 (2) of the Criminal Code (serious disturbance of the peace) commits the act with arms or cooperates consciously and intentionally with an armed person;

    3. Anyone who commits a kidnapping under Section 239 of the Criminal with the intention of making use of the kidnapped person as a hostage in the political struggle.

    Section 6
    This decree enters in force on the day of its promulgation.
    Reich President
    Reich Chancellor
    Reich Minister of the Interior
    Reich Minister of Justice


    Following see HR 6304 “(2) Probable Cause” section under (C)(Order):

    It is necessary to read entire FISA Amendments Act of 2008 to ascertain its low standards of “Probable Cause” to wiretap and spy on persons in the U.S.

    Example: Following is HR 6304 “(2) Probable Cause” section under (C)(Order):

    Note how the weak word “May” in this “Probable Cause” paragraph of HR 6304 misleads readers to believe this provision shall protect U.S. Citizens and other persons in the U.S. from Government agents violating their Constitutional rights. That HR 6304 paragraph is shown below: see how the Act’s Probable Cause wording “may” undermines protection for persons in the U.S. exercising 1st Amendment rights.

    This is from HR 6304 “(2) Probable Cause” section under (C)(Order):
    “No United States person may be considered a foreign power, agent of a foreign power, or officer or employee of a foreign power solely upon the basis of activities protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

    The House inserted the weak word “may” and failed to insert, e.g., “SHALL NOT” which legally would have been more binding on Government and police not to violate the 1st and 4th Amendments rights of U.S. Citizens. Consequently it will be harder for persons in the U.S. to defend against U.S. Government wiretap evidence.

    This vague language of THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 should concern U.S. Activists that network with other activists, especially with groups overseas. For example, the Stop the War Campaign and labor groups’ transcend countries. Some of those country’s governments strongly oppose U.S. policies.

    After the Senate passes HR 6304, U.S. Activists who network, especially with international activists, run the risk they “MAY BE CONSIDERED” by U.S. Government, agents of a foreign power if they support causes opposed by the Government. Historically it has not been beyond this U.S. Government to make such charges.

    The FISA AMENDMENTS ACTS OF 2008 will permit massive U.S. Government surveillance of electronic communications going out of and coming into the United States, with minimum court oversight. U.S. Government may also use several broad provisions of the Patriot Act to further its domestic surveillance.

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