Washington state caucus scandal

“It’s not who casts the votes, but who counts them, that really matters.” – Stalin

Washington State’s Democrats and Republicans caucused last night to determine their presidential nominees. KHQ, Spokane’s NBC affiliate, reported that Ron Paul was winning in their county by a large margin.

Last night, various national media sources updated the Democratic primary results every few minutes, complete with county details.

On the Republican side, news has been hard to find. To this point, no national media source has reported county results, but they have published 87% of the state’s results, with no details.

The live updates last night showed 94% of the Democratic votes before the Republican results passed 16%, where they remained for over an hour. Another hour was spent with 37% of the Republican precincts reporting. Ron Paul’s total stayed at a consistent 21% all night long, as McCain and Huckabee’s totals oscillated gently.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul supporters in Washington went home, logged onto blogs and forums, and began reporting victories all over the state. The media delayed their results for hours, but the wired world had already heard the news of a Ron Paul victory.

Given the fact that Ron Paul had won 45% in delegate-rich Spokane, is it not statistically impossible that his total could remain at 21% as the votes were being tabulated? One must wonder why the publication of poll results is so closely guarded by the national media. Were the votes in Spokane counted? Will they ever be? Why are there still no results available to interested citizens? These are questions no one can answer, except for the people unwilling to answer them.

Until this election, I did not believe I lived in a hopelessly fascist society. I thought that, democratically, reason could take the U.S. back from the imperialists, nationalists and socialists, and the media who support them. As it turns out, the votes don’t count for much. The American experiment in freedom, has finally been confiscated by a group of mad scientists, and locked away in a dark place.

Ron Paul, a fringe figure to so many, will forever be revered in history as America’s last statesman. To the world, Americans apologize, but there is no reasonable way to defeat corporatism from within, when elections are so easily compromised, and proponents of sovereignty so marginalized by the mainstream. We the people, who have realized the hypocrisy of our policies, and understand the abandonment of civic virtue in the U.S. today, are being regularly ignored by the powers that be. If a revolution occurs, it will come at great risk, and will be very difficult because the Bill of Rights has been suspended. The U.S. government is now a beast that exists for itself, and not for its citizens, and it will eat its own for sustenance. The good news for humanity, is that U.S. economic collapse is almost certain, but the bad news is that the revolution will be a long time in the making, and many more innocent people around the world will die because of bad U.S. policies. As Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense, “time wins more converts than reason.”


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  1. Wow…

    What an excellent and well said piece -albeit sad. There are similar stories from Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana (and perhaps more). Its interesting to note that most of these state were at the front of the progressive movement 100 years ago challenging big business and fighting our orchestrated entry into WW1. I guess the more things change…
    Your site should add a link so that these articles can be easily forwarded to others.

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