Huck the fanatic sycophant

Mike Huckabee has commuted rapists and murderers largely because they have found Christ.  With all due respect to the faith, a criminal’s decision to “make right with God” does not bring his victim back to life or ease the suffering of those affected by his crimes.  Like all areas of the United States government, the justice system should be not subjected to any religious test.  As a church member, Mike Huckabee can be respected.  As a governor, Mr. Huckabee is a failure to the Bill of Rights, the United States justice system, and the victims of those he has pardoned. 

Mike Huckabee does not understand what makes America great.  An inherent problem facing democracy is the probable tyranny of the majority over minority opinions. The solution is the Bill of Rights, and Huckabee’s attitudes about crime reveal that he has either no knowledge of, or little respect for, those rights.

Herein, Mr. Huckabee, lies the greatness of America: America is not a religion. America cannot save you. America makes no attempt to tell you who you are or what you should be. America cannot tell you what to say, or who to trust, or how to think about things. America is not God and cannot help you, but America gives you every right to help yourself. Total indifference to all group ideologies (including Christianity) is American freedom. I find this circumstance perfectly and delightfully American: that you, Mr. Huckabee, have spent your entire life enjoying, reveling in, even profiting from, something you never recognized. Allow me to introduce you. Mike, meet my best friend: freedom. And meet freedom’s best friend: Ron Paul.

A vote for Huckabee is a vote against American freedoms.


10 Responses

  1. This man is even worse than you have imagined. He was actually indicted FOURTEEN times in this state for misappropriating money. He has no desire to serve. He has no integrity nor true concern about the rights of the people of this country. He lied to my face once. He is a good speaker and a powerful individual, but NO man of God, like Ron is.

  2. Huck had another boner for a convicted criminal:

  3. It’s sad but no matter how many lies you tell about Huckabee or anyone else, you just can’t make Dr. Ron Paul’s radical pacifism any more appealing to the people of this nation.

    All you’re accomplishing is to tack the label ‘rumor monger’ to yourself. Try getting your facts straight, legitimacy could really add to your argument.

  4. Ya know, The real reason I lost respect for Huckabee?
    He has not once stood up for Dr Paul.
    When the chips were down for Huck in the press, he complained
    only for himself, not for what was right.
    And he does the same to Dr Paul that he complains
    the press does to him. He prestends that Dr. Paul is not
    in the race.
    A lie to go along with the rest of them.

    This is not a Christian valued man.

    Ron Paul is the one with integrity.

  5. Hey Ruffedge,
    Perhaps you would care to explain Ron Paul’s radical pacifism going over so well with our active duty TROOPS!!! He gets more donations from our military service men and women than ALL the other candidates, both democrat and republican, COMBINED together.

    Here are the facts for you, straight from the FEC’s website.

    According to the FEC reports, these are the total number and amount of military donations for each of the presidential candidates:

    Ron Paul: 1160 $249k
    John McCain: 438 $83k
    Mike Huckabee: 126 $37k
    Mitt Romney: 126 $24k
    Barack Obama: 443 $76k
    Hillary Clinton: 154 $41k

  6. Radical pacifism? Have you taken to going to to strike out at Ron? It’s truly sad that considering running our country the way is supposed to be run is called radical.
    What is radical is turning the US of A into a theocracy. That’s what the Huckster promises. Not that he’d get it, or is even electable.
    The problem with America right NOW is people like you, Ruffedge. You allow the media to govern your thoughts. YOU are the reason that America is taxburdened, is occupying countries. YOU are the reason why men and women are being killed right now, on both sides of the occupation. You don’t take the time to see where we are, and where we are going in America. You have an internet connection… I suggest you use it to figure out what it is that you are supporting.
    By the way, our borders are open. We are less secure as a nation than we have ever been. 2 people tomorrow will be laid off and will have to go explain it to thier families because of our foreign policy, which is bankrupting America. 2 Americans will die tomorrow overseas and you will not have the burden of explaining it to thier families… but you are guilty of thier death. 7 people in Iraq will die tomorrow so that our dollar can be propped up with oil… you will not have the burden of explaining that to thier families. So you can sleep well knowing that people died so that the dollar in your purse or wallet is still worth 4 cents.
    However, I hope that a family member, son, or daughter dies overseas so that you will finally get the point.. that they are dying so that someone else can make money. Because then you might wake up and get upset. If you do get upset and wake up enough to start to try to change things, then possibly they may have died to make a difference to America.
    I write this as an American Veteran.. I’ve served… have killed for my country. So that you have the opportunity to flush it down the toilet with your ignorance. If you’re using to look up words, then do me a favor. Look up Honor. Integrity. The Constitution. Then, as a favor to a man that has fought for you, attempt to apply them to your life. Before it’s all gone and the sacrifices we’ve all made for people like you for the last 200 years mean nothing.

  7. Some of the pastors and evangelists I know,they were criminals,and now they’re serving their Living Saviour right .I’m glad you’re not God.If you’re the God,I won’t have a chance.I like Mike.I hope he’ll win.They want him to quit.Why don’t they ask Ron Paul to quit?

  8. as a citizen of Arkansas i had too many years under the Huckster and i can tell you from experience you don’t want huckabee for president. You got any vices you enjoy..get ready to throw them out…lol Me, i smoke and i gamble, which both are prohibited in Arkansas. Smoking in public places and Gambling completely, unless you are owner of a Horse race track or a dog race track then you can have all the slot machines you can pack in your joint. Big business and money talks in Arkansas. you gotta be licensed and regulated for everything you do which takes big money..and the license seem to go up every year. So you can have Huckabee if you want him but not a snowballs chance in hell will i vote for him. I am a RP supporter..Long live the constitution and bill of rights…just gotta be revived..

  9. Yes, he may be broke,the only people who support him,it’ us , poor common people.By the grace of God,he’s still in the race.He may not win the nomination,but I hope he will…I’m glad he’s not quitter.

  10. Hi Maria, I commend you on your strong relationship with God. I believe in God myself, and I am a Ron Paul supporter. Maria, one thing I know you know about God is that he gave us free will. Not government controlled will. Ron Paul is actually a very religious man, he was endorsed by The Christian Daily Reader. He is a deeply religious man. Ron Paul believes though that church and politics should not be something combined as a platform. Politics can be very dirty and there is no place for politics to be involved with something as holy as the church. In fact Ron Paul has said that he believes the church should be the one who decides if gay marriage should be legal, not the government. He apposses abortion, being that he was a doctor that delivered over 4000 babies in his career. His platform, contains more value and integrity than any candidate, Republican and Democrat. Maria, I would like to ask you to do a yahoo search on “From Freedom to Fascism” watch this movie, and I assure you that it wiil inform you as to why we support Ron Paul. The man who made it was dying of cancer while he filmed it. He had nothing to gain by making this movie. He made the movie in May of 2007, and has since already died. Ron Paul supporters are very concerned about the direction our country is headed. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is willing to stop what could be the ultimate doom of America’s future. God Bless You!!

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